Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I wanted to put pics of my stuff for sale at the arts and crafts show...and never did. I haven't been down there in a few days. It scares me to look to see if anything has sold (it has) because I take it personally if no one buys my stuff. I shouldn't because there is a truckload of stuff down there from over 20 vendors and only the state workers to buy it (I work for the state...I probably should keep that a secret). The show is almost over and I haven't decided yet what to do with left overs...hmmmm.

My laundry is ridiculous...enough said.

My dog has eaten all my shoes. I have no black shoes or sneakers as of last night. He keeps eating or gnawing or slobbering on every shoe I have. I know that I should put them up so he can't, but I forget sometimes...I am me afterall. So I think I may have to go shoe shopping (I swear I have not purposely given my shoes to the dog...all covered in beef broth...with a peanut butter pigs ear hidden inside!!!).

OOOOO...4:19. Time to escape...


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