Monday, December 05, 2005

Laundry Monday

Berd is off doing his laundry today. He has given up on changing everone's mind concerning Christmas and will only concentrate on changing himself. Here is his agenda:

  • He will continue to call Christmas matter what.

  • He will continue to wake every morning to the radio station that is playing the Christmas carols in hopes that subliminally he will become more cheerful.

  • He will deck the halls, have eggnog coffees, and tell others "Merry Christmas" and truly hope that their Christmas is merry.

I am sure that he will be adding daily to his agenda as Christmas sneaks ever closer.

On another note...

I posted my silly Berd on Illustration Friday on Friday and received my first ligitimate comment (I never dreamed you could get spam comments...does it ever stop?). Thank you very much for the compliment. And it was from a real live artist. I am not one of those...I pretend, but mostly I am just a doodler. (Is that spelled right?)


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