Monday, January 09, 2006


Yes, I am once again the victim of the shinanigans of the Infernal Contraption. It has thwarted my attempts at finishing the story of Berd's Mysterious Egg.

I sat down on Saturday morning to write...precious son safe at with his grandparent's home, dear husband working quietly on the other side of the room, Ipod placed strategically on ears...with no interruption. And that is what I did for two hours. I wrote and wrote and drew a picture or two and wrote...and then the Infernal Contraption realized that I was making progress and things were coming together and I was so happy.

me: I am writing...I am so happy.

ic: She is happy and that disgusts me. I will make her pay...

me: Why has everything stopped moving?

very smart programmer husband: Hmm, looks like your machine froze...did you save what you were working on?

me: [color draining from face, feeling sick] no.

vsph: Oh. Sorry.

ic: Mwahahahahahah!!!

And then my vsph proceeds to tell me this story:

God directed Jesus and Satan to write the greatest program ever. Each of them went to the task with fervor, typing and coding furiously. Time went by and they continued to work, not even stopping for a break.

All of a sudden there is a hugh power surge. In an instant, the electricity goes out and comes back on. Satan says, "Curses, I have lost everything." He looks over at Jesus who is still coding furiously. Confused and defeated he throws up his hands and walks away.

Moral of the story (if you don't know already): JESUS SAVES!

And I will too from now on.

*Sorry for the crude drawing (even cruder than usual).


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